Richie Delamore “This Is Richie Delamore” — previous owner Carolyn

Purchased for $1 at Everyday Music in Portland, Oregon. Probably around 2003. Calypso music was kind of the rap music of its day. Singers embedded stories about sex and violence and political unrest in those hypnotic island rhythms. Delamore would have been the Flavor Flav to Harry Belafonte's Chuck D. Apparently, this unsung hero of [...]

Prince “Purple Rain” — previous owner unknown

Purchased for $5 at the "Chicagoland Record Collectors Show" at the Best Western in Hillside, Illinois, in November of 2013. An index card with "Christmas Organ & Chimes" is taped to the front. But the music inside doesn't contain anything of the kind. I wonder, was this some sort of crude camouflage? A spouse's way [...]

Devo “Dury Now For the Future” — previous owner unknown

One of Devo's less-appreciated records, it was clearly the property of some college record station at some point, since it reads KUG(?). It is dated 5/6/79 in black sharpie. Also, if you hold it to the light you can see someone used this LP as a clipboard, because there are the indents of dozens of [...]

Donovan’s “Mellow Yellow” — previous owner Dave

Discovered in Portland, Oregon in 2003. A collector placed an ad in the Willamette Week newspaper offering to give away his LP collection to anybody who came over to haul them away. He had converted them all to digital and had no use for records anymore. There are a lot of mysteries on the record [...]

Lionel Richie — previous owner Amy and Brian

Is your name Amy and/or Brian? Are you missing a well-worn copy of the Lionel Richie solo record, Lionel, which at one point was the soundtrack to your relationship? On the album cover's back, the song "My Love" is underlined, and an arrow points to it with the declaration "Amy + Brian." I have your [...]

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