The Rolling Stones “Let It Bleed” — previous owner Lisa

Was this Stones classic indeed owned by Lisa? And if so, who is apologizing to her, or perhaps explaining his behavior, on the cover of Let It Bleed? Surely there's a better venue in which to make amends. Why pick this specific album to deface? Is it just the only flat surface he could find, [...]

The Sensational 70’s — previous owner “unknown”

This eclectic compilation — featuring the Jackson 5, Deep Purple, Diana Ross, and Benny Hill (yes, that Benny Hill, performing his "hit" song "The Fastest Milkman In The West") — was discovered at Revolution Records, a brilliant new & used vinyl record store in Walsall, England. As David Hughes, the store's proprietor, has asked about [...]

The Four Seasons “Who Loves You” — previous owner “Bunny”

This beauty was found at the sensational Jampac Records in Monroe, North Carolina. The sleeve contains many well-wishes to a mysterious record owner known only as "Bunny." One note even features a drawing of a rabbit, suggesting that "Bunny" is either a person who loves and identifies with bunnies, or is, in fact, a plant-eating [...]

Led Zeppelin “Physical Graffiti” — previous owner Jan Christensen

We don't know much about this motherfucker. We know it was recently purchased from Funky Little Shop Records, a vinyl online store based in Houston, Texas. (You should check out their Instagram page for some fantastic vinyl porn.) We know it was previously owned by Jan (or possibly Jon) Christensen, who may or may not have lived [...]

Jimi Hendrix “Cry of Love” — previous owner Sherry and/or Buddy

This 1971 posthumous compilation from Jim Hendrix was unearthed in a warehouse in Schaumburg, Illinois. The warehouse belongs to Cheap Kiss Records, one of the best used vinyl distributors in the Midwest (and possibly the country.) The previous owners were a couple named Sherry and Buddy, who were once so very much in love that [...]

Prince “Sign o’ the Times” — previous owner Mr. Robuca(?)

Acquired in Portland, Oregon, at some point in the early 2000s. The previous owner — who may be Mr. Robuca or possibly Mr. Roberts. We're not sure, his handwriting is a little messy — was clearly not a casual Prince fan. Notice how he used used "2" instead of "two." Nobody does that if they only like [...]

Soundgarden “Superunknown” — previous owner Mark Miner

This story is kind of amazing. A few weeks ago, Justin Peterson of Spokane, Washington, bought a used copy of Soundgarden's 1994 classic "Superunknown" on blue vinyl and found this note inside. It was written by the previous owner's mom, Sabine Miner, whose son died from a heart attack at 39. She wrote: "I would ask [...]

Charles Mingus “Passions of a Man” — previous owner Abie Little

Bought at Omega Music in Dayton, Ohio in 2002. The guy behind the counter looked at me like I had stolen from them when I got a triple LP Mingus collection for five bucks. I am guessing Abie Little valued the album more than the record store, as she carefully taped every edge with that [...]

Johnny Gill — previous owner unknown

Bought at Everyday Music in Portland, OR. 50-cent bin. Mid-2000s. I like to imagine a guy with an incredible New Jack Swing haircut like Johnny Gill owned this record. Guessing by the care he put into measuring the beats per minute and labeling which tunes were good jams and love songs, I am guessing he [...]

The Temptations “Wish It Could Rain” — previous owner Liz McGrath

Found in an alley near Payne Street. Louisville, KY. Clearly, Liz McGrath was off her medication while listening to some of the biggest names in Motown. I would hate to see what happened to Chris Darrall. (Contributed by Patrick Wensink)

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