This beauty was found at the sensational Jampac Records in Monroe, North Carolina. The sleeve contains many well-wishes to a mysterious record owner known only as “Bunny.” One note even features a drawing of a rabbit, suggesting that “Bunny” is either a person who loves and identifies with bunnies, or is, in fact, a plant-eating mammal with long ears.

The answer to the question posed by the Temptations in this album — “Who loves you, pretty baby? Who loves you, pretty mama?” — is answered before the vinyl can even be placed on a turntable. Everybody in the Four Seasons loves you, Bunny. The inner sleeve has been signed by Gerry Polci, Lee Shapiro, and a few others we can’t make out.

Frankie Valli also signed, but for some reason didn’t write on the album itself. Instead, his signature is written on a takeout menu, which has been stored inside the sleeve. One can’t help but wonder why. Did Valli not want to be associated with the album anymore, or his Four Season buddies? Or maybe he’s one of those people who think writing on a record sleeve is sacriligeous. We may never know… unless somebody finds Bunny and tells her (I think it’s a her, but maybe it’s a guy named Bunny) that we have his/her record.

(Contributed by Halen Mattison)