This 1971 posthumous compilation from Jim Hendrix was unearthed in a warehouse in Schaumburg, Illinois. The warehouse belongs to Cheap Kiss Records, one of the best used vinyl distributors in the Midwest (and possibly the country.)

The previous owners were a couple named Sherry and Buddy, who were once so very much in love that they needed to announce their courtship, repeatedly and enthusiastically, on the “Cry of Love” album sleeve.

We get it, Sherry and Buddy. You dig each other. He was her “Astro Man” and she was his “Angel.”

Are they still together? Maybe. But they no longer make sweet love to Hendrix.

According to Christopher Grey of Cheap Kiss Records, who graciously shared this album with us, he assumes it was sold at some point by Sherry and/or Buddy’s kids for beer money.

A tragic ending. Unless Sherry and/or Buddy read this and decide they want the record back.

(Submitted by Christopher Grey.)