This story is kind of amazing. A few weeks ago, Justin Peterson of Spokane, Washington, bought a used copy of Soundgarden’s 1994 classic “Superunknown” on blue vinyl and found this note inside.

It was written by the previous owner’s mom, Sabine Miner, whose son died from a heart attack at 39.

She wrote: “I would ask him on occasion when he schlepped all the music home (2000 CDs and over 600 vinyl LPs), ‘What do you want me to do with all this music if something should happen to you?’ ‘Listen to it, Mom,’ he would say. Well, I did listen to a few but now it is time to share them.”

She had only one request for the future owner of this album. “When you play it,” she wrote, “play it loud for Mark!”

I guess this album technically doesn’t belong here. We can’t reunite it with Mark, as he’s no longer with us. But it still felt like a story worth sharing, and a record worth celebrating.

According to Justin, he paid $127.50 for the record. (The profits go directly to an education fund for Mark’s son, Kai, whose dad died when he was just one). And as Justin shared with a local reporter, “I played it and I played it quite loud.”

He added: “This is something I’m going to keep forever and pass onto my son.”

If you have “Superunknown” on vinyl, or anything by Soundgarden, or honestly anything that makes you happy, play it loud for Mark. Crank that shit as loud as possible. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Record Store Day than to play something you love, something that makes you happy to be alive, loud for Mark!

(Contributed by Eric Spitznagel)